Titles in this Series

What Is Energy?

Item #: 155085

Combustion Engines

Item #: 155086

Force and Motion

Item #: 155087

Forces that Govern Our Universe

Item #: 155088


Item #: 155089

Newton's Laws of Motion

Item #: 155090

Putting Dates to the Past

Item #: 155091

Temperature and Heat (Laws of Thermodynamics)

Item #: 155092

Voyage to the Heart of Matter

Item #: 155093

What Is Electricity?

Item #: 155094

What Is Kinematics?

Item #: 155095

What Is Light?

Item #: 155096

What Is Nuclear Energy?

Item #: 155097

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Just the Facts: Physics Facts examines the basics of physics, covering motion, forces, energy, and more. Beginning with the basics of force and energy and covering the famous theories of Einstein and Newton, this collection presents a comprehensive overview of the main principles of physics.

Length: 213 minutes

Item#: BVL155084

Copyright date: ©2013

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