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Charles Darwin (01:53)


Charles Darwin's theory of evolution helped humans understand their place among Earth's species. When it was first published, many did not believe it and found it offensive.

The Theory of Evolution (04:18)

Darwin's theory states that all forms of life evolved from another. By studying finches, he established that animals adapt to fit their environments.

Evidence to Support the Theory of Evolution (04:02)

Deeper layers of fossils contain organisms that support the theory. Embryonic research shows numerous species are the same at certain stages of development.

Is Evolution Just a Theory? (01:48)

Evolution has been proven with science numerous times since Darwin first published the theory. Biology, geology, and genetics helped create a better understanding.

Summary (01:28)

Darwin's theory of evolution states that all species evolved from a common ancestor. Species adapt to their environment to increase their chance of survival.

Credits: The Origin of the Species (00:47)

Credits: The Origin of the Species

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The Origin of the Species

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In this program, learn about Charles Darwin’s book On the Origin of Species, the theories of anthropologist Alfred Wallace, the theory of evolution, and fossils. Also discussed are Gregor Mendel and hereditary characteristics, genes, and chromosomes.

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