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Study of Life (01:43)


The study of living beings is complex. Charles Darwin developed the theory of evolution, which explains how life changes over time.

What is Life? (02:34)

All living organisms have a similar set of characteristics, such as mobility and growth. They can capture energy from their surroundings and reproduce.

How Life Began (03:56)

Life on Earth was created by primitive components in the planet's early atmosphere. They developed into organic compounds in the early oceans.

The First Organisms (01:58)

Early organisms fed on other organic matter in the oceans until they were depleted. Primitive cells used photosynthesis to feed. More complex organisms formed after the atmosphere developed.

Summary (02:04)

All living organisms have the same chemical elements. Life formed on Earth from primitive components combining.

Credits: How Did Life Begin? (00:47)

Credits: How Did Life Begin?

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How Did Life Begin?

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Planet earth is full of life, but how did life begin? All living things are made up of the same chemical elements, and yet are so diverse. In this program, learn about the principal characteristics of living organisms and their evolution through time, DNA, the beginning of Earth’s formation 4.5 billion years ago, and the theories of Oparin and Miller.

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