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Chemistry in Our Everyday Lives (02:49)


People often think of natural as synonymous with good and chemical as synonymous with bad.” Life is full of chemistry, from chemical reactions that create sensations in our bodies to analgesics we take when we have a headache.

Chemistry in Our Homes (02:54)

Chemistry forms an essential and routine part of our lives. Many everyday items and processes involve chemical reactions that we take for granted.

Chemistry and Color (02:36)

In 1856, English chemist William Mauve,derived from aniline, is the first synthetic dye. Chemistry adds color to our lives in a variety of ways including: paints, pigment changes, and the photochemical reaction of photography and film.

Chemistry in the Organism (04:49)

Our bodies are complex chemical laboratories that never stop production. Chemical reactions are behind a myriad biological processes including: our senses, digestion, respiration, hormones, muscle contraction, and more. Photosynthesis is a complex chemical reaction in plants and is the foundation of life on Earth.

Chemistry of Love (03:04)

Animal species ensure reproduction by means of chemical substances released by females that create an irresistible attraction in males. Flowering plants use scented chemical substances to attract insects for pollination. Being in love alters the levels of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine.

Summary (03:39)

This segment reviews the concepts of chemistry in everyday life discussed in this video.

Credits: Chemistry in Everyday Life (02:16)

Credits: Chemistry in Everyday Life

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Chemistry in Everyday Life

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Chemistry is not all about books full of equations or experiments in a laboratory full of glass tubes. You experience chemistry far more than you might imagine. How does chemistry come into play in our everyday lives? How do plants and animals use chemistry for survival? This program will answer these questions and more! Plus, explore the chemistry of food, paints, sunblock, emulsion photography, photosynthesis, and even love. Be prepared to discover that life is pure chemistry!

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