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The World of Plants: Introduction (01:07)


All animals rely on plants for survival. Learn about photosynthesis.

The First Plants (02:14)

The first organisms appeared in seas; single celled algae developed photosynthesis millions of years ago. Learn about red, brown, and green algae.

Crossing to Land (03:35)

Plants had to develop systems of nutrient and sexual cell transport to live on land. Moss still requires water to reproduce while ferns have a vascular system and supportive tissue. Learn about their reproduction process.

Seeds (02:56)

Seed bearing plants are spermatophytes; learn about conifer reproduction. Flowering plants rely on insects for fertilization and produce fruit whose seeds are distributed by animals. Grasses depend on the wind for pollination.

The World of Plants: Summary (02:17)

Plants use photosynthesis to produce organic matter that feeds other organisms. Plants first appeared in oceans, evolved to algae, and moved to land. Learn about reproduction in moss, ferns, and seed plants.

Credits: The World of Plants (00:47)

Credits: The World of Plants

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The World of Plants

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The vast world of plants includes everything from microscopic organisms to 300-foot-tall trees. Plants are crucial to our survival. If the plant life on our planet were to disappear, all living animals would not be able to exist. Learn all about chlorophyll, photosynthesis, unicellular algae and its evolution, mosses, ferns, conifers, flowering plants, and the characteristics and reproductive devices of plants. Discover some of the unique qualities of these amazing species.

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