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The Other Kingdoms: Introduction (01:15)


In addition to animal and vegetable kingdoms, Protista, Monera, and Fungi kingdoms have been identified. Other life forms include viruses.

Protista Kingdom (03:30)

Oxygen-breathing microorganisms containing cell nuclei include algae, fungi, and protozoa. Hear ways in which protozoa move. Most parasites are stationary and feed on unicellular algae and bacteria. Algae are the biggest oxygen producers on Earth.

Fungi Kingdom (02:13)

Multicellular organisms forming spores and containing cell nuclei help to decompose organic matter. Most live in damp, shady environments. Learn about yeast uses.

Monera Kingdom (03:41)

Microorganisms without differentiated nuclei include bacteria and cyanobacteria. Learn about blue-green algae. Bacteria have colonized every environment on Earth, including living beings.

Importance of Bacteria (03:23)

Pathogenic bacteria represent a fraction of total bacteria; most are beneficial. Learn about their role in decomposition, nitrogen fixation, and digestion.

The Other Kingdoms: Summary (01:59)

Hear facts about protozoa belonging to the Protista kingdom, fungi belonging to the Fungi kingdom, and bacteria belonging to the Monera kingdom.

Credits: The Other Three Kingdoms of Life (00:47)

Credits: The Other Three Kingdoms of Life

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The Other Three Kingdoms of Life

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What are the other three kingdoms of life? Apart from the kingdoms of animals and plants, there are three little-known but extremely important kingdoms in existence: Protista, Monera, and Fungi. Learn all about each of the kingdoms, their environments, their characteristics, and how they affect us and our planet.

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