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Forests: Introduction (06:36)


Trees are the oldest living beings on Earth. Carboniferous Age forests have converted to coal. Learn about the sun's role in plant growth; forest ecosystem strata; and species competition.

Distribution of Forests (02:50)

Forests develop in milder climatic conditions. Hear plant and animal species characteristic of taiga, temperate forests, and tropical forests.

Deforestation (03:35)

Tropical forests are cut down for agricultural and industrial purposes. Deforestation leads to erosion, biodiversity loss, and climate change.

Forests: Summary (01:35)

Hear facts about forest ecosystem development, forest distribution, and deforestation.

Credits: Forests (00:48)

Credits: Forests

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Trees: the oldest living beings on planet Earth. They have an admirable capacity for survival. Forests are made up of trees and vegetation and maintain the highest biodiversity on our planet. Learn about how forests are formed, the different types of forests, their geographical distribution and importance, and the problems associated with deforestation.

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