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Energy (02:15)


Life could not exist on the planet Earth without energy, which is the ability to do work and cannot be directly measured. Energy can come in many forms such as thermal, kinetic, nuclear, or electromagnetic.

Heat (03:52)

When energy moves from one form to another, it becomes heat and comes in three forms: radiation, conduction, and convection. Since heat is the movement of energy when a person gets burned by an object or the sun it is because the energy is moving from the source to their skin.

Solar Energy (01:31)

The majority of energy generated on Earth comes from its sun and is scientifically categorized as solar energy. Energy from the sun powers the water cycle and the food chain.

Energy on Earth (01:20)

Energy moves through Earth, meaning solar energy enters the planet and the leaves it again, while matter never leaves the world.

Solar Energy on Earth (03:43)

Earth receives solar energy from the sun through the scientific process of radiation meaning it is beamed to Earth through electromagnetic waves. The electromagnetic spectrum is made of waves of varying lengths from the mild ratio wave to powerful gamma rays with short lengths.

Solar Energy Powers Earth Systems (02:16)

Earth is made of various systems which are powered almost exclusively by solar energy; heat causes water to change from liquid to gas, a process propelling the water cycle. Animals eat plants to absorb the sun's energy gained by the plants through photosynthesis.

The Greenhouse Effect (02:07)

All solar energy absorbed by Earth is processed through the globe and released back into space in the form of heat. The greenhouse effect is when heat will not leave the planet, eventually contributing to global warming.

Geothermal Energy (02:06)

Earth gains energy from the sun, but it also extracts energy from its hot interior, known as geothermal energy. Heat causes the molecules of a substance to move rapidly.

Convection (06:09)

Convection is the phenomenon when heat rises and cold sinks and is the key to understanding processes like wind and ocean currents. Convection is the main cause of heat distribution on the planet Earth.

Credits: Energetic Earth (00:23)

Credits: Energetic Earth

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How do you turn this thing off? Well, you can’t. This is Earth, and the power button is always switched on. The energy is always flowing. But where is the button? Where does this energy come from? You’re about to find out. Topics include: Energy and Heat, Solar Energy, Geothermal Energy, and Convection.

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