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Earth's Hot Body (04:30)


The Earth has a core, mantle, and crust; learn the components of each. Compare the continental crust to the oceanic crust. Density plays a vital role in Earth's structure.

Earth's Other Layers (02:29)

Layers include: lithosphere, asthenosphere, mesosphere, outer core, and inner core. Learn physical properties of each layer and a mnemonic to remember the layers.

Evidence From Inside the Earth (01:56)

Scientists obtain clues about the Earth's core from volcanoes, the magnetic field.

Shifting Earth (05:53)

The Earth's crust is comprised of 10 major tectonic plates that are in constant motion. Learn what happens when plates converge, diverge, and slide past each other.

Evidence of Plate Tectonics (09:37)

The Earth is divided into plates that sit atop a layer of hot liquid and constantly move. Alfred Wegener's theory of continental drift was not accepted until after his death when evidence from sea-floor spreading appeared.

Convection (02:09)

Higher density objects have the same amount of mass in a smaller amount of space. Hot and cold objects have different amounts of density.

Credits: Restless Earth (00:21)

Credits: Restless Earth

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Wait a sec. Earth is hot on the inside? The continents move? And some German guy named Alfred Wegener noticed that Africa and South America fit together like puzzle pieces? That sounds like a magma-filled layer cake of mystery. Care to dig in? Topics include: Earth's Interior Layers, Plate Tectonics, and Evidence of Plate Tectonics.

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