Segments in this Video

The Size of the Universe (02:48)


The edge of the Universe is 46 billion light years. Learn about the speed of light, galaxies, dark matter, and dark energy

Birth of the Universe (02:04)

The Earth is about 13.7 billion years old. The Big Bang Theory states that the universe began from one point, but that point cannot be explained.

Life and Death of Stars (05:37)

Learn how stars are born in space, how they die, and what happens when they collide.

A Solar System of Our Own (03:51)

Our solar system is located at the very edge of the Milky Way Galaxy and includes the sun and everything orbiting it, including Earth.

Formation of the Solar System (02:11)

Learn how the Big Bang Theory explains the creation of the solar system. The inner planets are smaller and denser than the outer planets.

Gravity and Planetary Motion (06:19)

Gravity holds everything together; without it the entire universe would be nonexistent, but no one knows what it is. Scientists have mapped out the effects of gravity through research over the years, beginning with Sir Isaac Newton.

The Earthling Experience (08:02)

Planet Earth is unique in that it rotates, revolves, and is tilted. These features create day and night as well as seasons.

Credits: Earth's Place in the Universe (00:14)

Credits: Earth's Place in the Universe

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Earth's Place in the Universe

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At one point or another, everyone wonders about the universe. What is it? Where did it come from? And, most of all, where does Earth fit into the equation? This video puts Earth and the experience of earthlings into the context of the solar system, the galaxy, and the universe at large. Topics include: The Universe, The Life and Death of Stars, The Solar System, Gravity and Planetary Motion, and Earth's Motion in Space.

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