Titles in this Series

Earth's Place in the Universe

Item #: 155020

Investigating Earth's Past

Item #: 155021

Restless Earth

Item #: 155022

Mountains, Volcanoes, and Earthquakes

Item #: 155023

Earth's Changing Surface

Item #: 155024

Energetic Earth

Item #: 155025

Atomsphere and Oceans

Item #: 155026

Earth Systems

Item #: 155027

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So, Earth: it’s where we humans live. In fact, it’s the only planet known to support life. But what makes Earth capable of supporting life? How exactly does the planet function? This video series addresses these questions by investigating Earth’s place in the universe, its formation as a planet, and its relationship with the Sun. Systems-thinking and conservation are touched upon as we explore Earth as an energetic, dynamic, and recycling planet.

Length: 208 minutes

Item#: BVL155019

Copyright date: ©2013

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