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Chemical Reactions (04:32)


Topics will include: chemical reactions, precipitation reactions, oxidation-reduction actions, kinetics, equilibrium, and nuclear reactions. Chemical reactions occur when atoms rearrange to make new substances. Learn the rules of chemical reactions and how to read chemical equations.

Precipitation Reactions (03:18)

A precipitation reaction occurs when two liquids mix and react to produce a solid. Learn how to recognize this type of reaction in chemical equations.

Oxidation-Reduction Reactions (09:36)

Reduction occurs when atoms gain electrons. Conversely, oxidation occurs when atoms lose electrons. Learn how oxidation and reduction correspond and behave in chemical equations.

Kinetics (10:28)

Not all reactions happen at the same speed. Chemistry involves the motion of molecules that allows them to collide and interact. The collision model explains the differing speeds of chemical reactions.

Equilibrium (03:29)

A dynamic equilibrium occurs when two opposite reactions happen at the same rate simultaneously. Learn about the behavior of equilibriums, and Le Chatelier's principle.

Nuclear Reactions (05:31)

Some isotopes of certain elements are unstable, and shed parts of their nucleus to become more stable. Learn about radioactive decay and the types of radioactive particles.

Credits: Chemical Reactions and Equilibrium (00:14)

Credits: Chemical Reactions and Equilibrium

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Chemical Reactions and Equilibrium

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Chemical reactions happen all over—from the far-away sun to the cup of water sitting next to you. These reactions are a rearrangement of the same old atoms we know and love with some chemical magic. This program reveals the "magic" and terms involved in writing and understanding chemical equations. Topics include: Chemical Reactions, Precipitation Reactions, Oxidation-Reduction Reactions, Kinetics, Equilibrium, and Nuclear Reactions.

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