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Chemical Reaction Basics (02:23)


Topics include: chemical reaction basics, acids and bases, acid-base reactions, and other mixtures. A chemical reaction occurs when one or more substances change into another substance. Review the basics of chemical reactions and how they are expressed.

Definitions of Acids and Bases (09:05)

Acids usually taste sour; bases usually feel slippery and tend to taste bitter. Strong acids and bases can be dangerous. Scientists agree on three definitions of acids and bases: Arrhenius definition, Brønsted–Lowry definition, and Lewis definition.

Properties of Acids and Bases (08:08)

The Lewis definition makes the properties of acids and bases easier to understand. Learn about the behavior of conjugate pairs, and the strength of acids and bases.

Acid-Base Reactions (06:06)

A reaction between an acid and a base is a neutralization reaction. Learn about coordination complexes and how they behave.

Other Mixtures (01:28)

Not all mixtures are solutions. Colloids are solids or liquids and spread evenly in another substance. Suspensions behave like the snow in a snow globe.

Credits: Acids and Bases (00:15)

Credits: Acids and Bases

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Acids and Bases

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You don’t have to go far to find acids and bases; they can be found in your kitchen, your garden, and even in your lunch. This program goes a bit deeper to define what makes acids and bases do their thing, and what happens when they combine and react to each other. Topics include: Chemical Reaction Basics, Definitions of Acids and Bases, Properties of Acids and Bases, Acid-Base Reactions, and Other Mixtures.

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