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Solutions and Solubility (09:23)


Topics include: solutions and solubility, expressing concentration, Raoult's law, colligative properties, and non-ideal behavior. A mixture is a combination of two or more substances that do not bond or react. A solution is a mixture that is completely uniform. Learn terms related to solutions and how they behave.

Expressing Concentration (05:05)

Learn how to express concentration by mass, density, and molarity. See examples of calculating percent concentration, density concentration, and molarity concentration.

Raoult's Law and Colligative Properties (10:28)

When a solute is dissolved in a solvent, properties of the solution may be affected. Colligative properties depend on the proportions of solvent and solute.

Non-Ideal Behavior (01:49)

Non-ideal substances do not obey Raoult's Law; vapor pressure does not correspond to concentration as expected. Non-ideal substances behave in different ways, but share common properties.

Credits: Solutions (00:14)

Credits: Solutions

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This program stirs things up by showing how combining chemicals turns substances into mixtures! You’ll have all the answers, or solutions, on how combinations can be dry, wet, chunky, hearty, smooth, creamy, strong, and even invisible. So don’t lose your concentrations when these solutions are being presented. Topics include: Solutions and Solubility, Expressing Concentration, Raoult’s Law and Colligative Properties, and Non-Ideal Behavior.

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