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Be an Informed Consumer (02:37)


The most important step to take in becoming an informed consumer, people should ask themselves and their distributors where their food is being purchased.

Nutrition Facts (05:28)

This panel found on all packaged food items contains information about the serving size and its ingredients.

Sketchy Stuff on Food Labels (04:06)

Learn about dangerous ingredients to pay attention to on food labels before purchasing an item.

Food Safety (07:45)

Food safety focuses on the proper handling of food and how to prevent foodborne illnesses, which are sometimes fatal. Learn about the causes and consequences of unsafe food.

Making Healthy Choices (03:35)

A healthy diet can be hard for some people to maintain because of how expensive and inaccessible healthy foods can be. Learn how to make a well balance meal even if you do not have time to cook a meal. Replace unhealthy choices with healthy ones.

Credits: The Savvy Eater (00:10)

Credits: The Savvy Eater

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The Savvy Eater

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This program begins with some practical tips for being an informed and savvy consumer in the old grocery store. Then the Standard Deviants delve into the harrowing world of food safety. Finally we close with some lasting tips for making healthy choices a part of your daily life. Topics include: Be an Informed Consumer, Food Safety, and Making Healthy Choices.

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