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Food Industry (05:43)


In this program, the presenters discuss the food industry as well as what makes food fresh, local, and organic. The first presenter explains the hunter-gatherer societies of the past.

What is Organic? (04:32)

The presenters discuss what it means for products to be certified organic, from sustainable agriculture to no chemical additives.

Fresh and Local, or Not? (06:34)

The presenters discuss what it means for food to be locally sourced and the nutritional benefits it can have. Local foods are not always available in some communities.

Credits: Where Does Your Food Come From? (00:10)

Credits: Where Does Your Food Come From?

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Where Does Your Food Come From?

Part of the Series : Teaching Systems Nutrition Series
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Enter into the plastic-wrapped world of the food industry's past, present, and future. Students will gain an understanding of what it means for a food to be organic and watch as the Standard Deviants cast discusses fresh, local foods and their alternatives. Topics include: Food Industry, What Is Organic and Fresh?, and Local or Not.

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