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Nutrition: Every Body is Different (02:23)


This video will cover differences, alternative diets, diets around the world, and the psychology of eating. Body composition is the proportion of muscle, bone, and fat in the body; learn factors that determine body type. Each person must eat within the context of his or her body.

Eating in the Context of Your Age (06:36)

Nutritional needs for each age group depend on growth rate, activities, and hormones. Learn nutritional needs for children and infants, older adults, and teenagers. Active adolescents may have different energy needs; teen girls tend to develop more body fat than teen boys.

Alternative Diets (02:40)

There is no single diet that is "the best" or a single food group that is essential to the human diet. Dietary plans have malleable guidelines. Alternative diets include vegetarian and vegan.

Eating in Cultural Context (03:29)

Traditional diets generally have pre-food industry roots and are place-based. Learn components of the Mediterranean and Asian diets and see examples of traditional meals. Foods can lose health benefits when taken out of their original context.

Psychology of Eating (02:13)

Eating has a culture; gathering at the table for meals can be important to nutritional health. The modern food industry has made eating on the go more convenient and fewer people participate in the ritual of a meal.

Eat Slowly (02:48)

Taking the time to look at, smell, and chew your food allows you to pay attention to flavor and texture, and fully experience what you are eating.

Eat Relaxed (01:38)

Approach eating from a relaxed perspective; stress inhibits the digestive system from working properly. Meal times can be a social experience that allows you to relax and enjoy company.

Credits: Eating in Context (00:11)

Credits: Eating in Context

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Eating in Context

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Compact, round, curvy... Humans come in all shapes and sizes. When we eat, we eat in the context of our body types, cultures, diets, and—believe it or not—our moods! This program explores the many contexts in which we eat and what they mean for nutrition. Topics include: Everybody Is Different, Alternative Diets, Diets Around the World, and Psychology of Eating.

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