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U.S. Constitution (05:29)


The preamble of the Constitution outlines the goals and objectives of the document. The Constitution ensures citizens have rights and that government does not have absolute power. It was written in 1787.

Article One: The Legislative Branch of Government (20:17)

Article I has ten sections that create and define the Legislative Branch. It establishes Congress and gives it the power to make laws. Members of Congress represent citizens and their interests.

Article Two: The Executive Branch (11:06)

Article II gives executive power to the president and outlines requirements to become president. It also defines the Electoral College, which is used in presidential elections.

Article Three: The Judicial Branch (03:04)

Article III establishes the Judicial Branch and gives the power to decide legal questions to the Supreme Court. The court has the power to determine whether laws are constitutional.

Article Four: The States (02:18)

Article IV outlines the rights of the states and their relation to the federal government. It provides instructions on how a state must treat a resident from other state.

Article Five: Making Amendments (01:53)

Article V outlines the process for making amendments to the Constitution. Amendments can be ratified in two ways. The process is difficult which has limited the number of amendments.

Article Six: Supremacy of the Constitution (02:26)

Article VI names the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. Every government official must swear to uphold the Constitution.

Article Seven: Ratification (02:11)

The authors signed the Constitution in affirmation of their agreement and within one year 11 states approved it. George Washington became the first president. The concerns of anti-federalist patriots led to the Bill of Rights.

Credits: The United States Constitution (00:39)

Credits: The United States Constitution

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The United States Constitution

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The Constitution is one of the most important and versatile documents ever written. Orderly systems of government, a president who is held accountable by Congress, and brilliantly conceived checks and balances all flow from the Constitution and have served as the backbone for creating and maintaining the greatest nation in history. It has stood the test of time and remains viable and fresh in an age, today, when life is much different than when it was written.

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