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Indian Ocean

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Cook Islands

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Great Barrier Reef

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The Bahamas

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Global Reef Expedition

The Series Includes : Indian Ocean | Galapagos | Cook Islands | Great Barrier Reef | Jamaica | The Bahamas
DVD (Chaptered) Price: $599.70
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GLOBAL REEF EXPEDITION follows an international team of scientists as they study six of the most remote coral reefs on earth. Journeying to unexplored locations as well as to those more well-known, the team is on a mission to find out how coral reefs are faring. Along the way they face challenges and make new discoveries about life in our oceans. During their five year journey onboard the research vessel “Golden Shadow,” the scientists witness coral bleaching first-hand on a pristine reef in the Indian Ocean, explore the little-known coral reefs of the Galapagos Islands, and record some of the last healthy footage of the northern reaches of the iconic Great Barrier Reef off Australia’s northeastern coast. Documenting the beauty and fascination of one of Earth’s most critical habitats, the series gives viewers an unprecedented look at scientists in action, and seeks to better understand the intimate workings of these endangered ecosystems before it’s too late to save them.

Length: 180 minutes

Item#: BVL154864

ISBN: 978-1-64347-876-0

Copyright date: ©2017

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