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Technology and Dirt in Cuisine (06:53)


This program will study new culinary phenomena including digital kitchen aids and cooking with soil and bugs. Culinary expert Fritz Treiber discusses the importance of making the consumption of dirt safe and free of pathogens, heavy metals, and other dangerous chemicals.

Cooking Soil (02:22)

In the flavor lab, two chefs prepare a vegetable soup containing stock made with soil. Many researchers believe that soil will become a central part of the human diet.

Modern Food (05:21)

Chefs experiment with a digital steam cooker in a high-tech kitchen. There are plans to decrease unhealthy ingredients in many ready-made meals on the market. Testing is essential for feedback on aroma, flavor, and consistency of ready-made pizzas.

Digital Steam Cooking (01:57)

The chefs must stagger the added ingredients so they will be ready to eat at the same time. They prepare a dish with a limited digital aid and another with no digital assistance, to see which will be completed first.

Insect Cuisine (04:57)

Insects are utilized by 2.5 billion people globally as an alternative to meat. Little research has been done on the effects of ingesting bugs, but the protein is nutritious.

Credits: Insects, High-Tech and Junk Food (01:26)

Credits: Insects, High-Tech and Junk Food

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Insects, High-Tech and Junk Food

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How do science and digital cooking change our Food?

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