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Repressed Memories (02:50)


Roseanne Barr and Marilyn Van Derbur remembered forgotten child sexual abuse while undergoing Recovered Memory Therapy. Elizabeth Loftus studied whether false memories could be implanted in the "Lost in the Mall" experiment. Participants put sensory details into imagined scenarios. (Credits)

Planting Memories (03:52)

This tactic includes: obtain the client's trust, suggest something that might have happened, and ask if they think it occurred to them. Critics attacked Loftus, pointing out that it was a small study, a common experience, and not traumatic enough.

Guided Imagination (05:39)

Dr. David Corwin wrote a paper about Jane Doe, stipulating she repressed a memory of sexual abuse. Loftus realized the young woman was coached by her father as a child. Learn about Loftus' latest study on guided imagination which led to Beth Rutherford and Patricia Burgus suing their analysts.

Credits: Lost in the Mall (00:10)

Credits: Lost in the Mall

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Lost in the Mall

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When Elizabeth Loftus gave evidence for the defence in the trail of George Franklin, it was held by the court that while memories were unreliable and could be altered, they could not be invented. There were no such things as false memories. Loftus set out to demonstrate otherwise. This film documents Loftus' demonstration of false memory and the 'memory war' that followed, a war that not only threatened her professional reputation but also her life.

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