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Foreign Policy Team (04:41)


John Kerry, Samantha Power, Ben Rhodes, and Susan Rice begin their day. They reflect on meeting Barack Obama and joining his administration. See footage from Obama speeches. (Credits)

January 2016: Twelve Months Left (04:25)

Obama meets with foreign policy staff; he will frequently travel. Several Republican candidates promise to undo work on climate and foreign policy. Kerry reached an agreement with Iran and turns his attention to other issues.

Bearing Witness in Foreign Relations (02:53)

Power reflects on discussions about resolving problems and speaking with people most affected by conflicts; she meets the Saudi Arabia Ambassador.

Foreign Policy Communications (02:36)

Rhodes reflects on U.S. relations with Iran and American exceptionalism. He oversees the writing of the president's speeches, the press, and public engagement.

U.S./Vietnam Relations (03:31)

The team arrives in Vietnam; Kerry reflects on the war. Obama states that the reconciliation with Mao is a reflection of decades of work; he answers questions during a forum.

Speech Preparation and Hiroshima (06:28)

Rhodes reflects on the direction of his life and the recent controversy with the press corps. He prepares Obama's remarks for his tour of the Peace Memorial in Hiroshima. Obama recalls meeting a survivor of the bombing.

May 2016: Eight Months Left (06:09)

Power states that atrocity prevention is missing from a memo; she feels an urgency regarding challenging conflicts. Issues with Syria are a concern for Kerry; he meets with international leaders in Vienna. Rice, Rhodes, and Power reflect on a resolution.

International Relations and Immigration (04:53)

After Obama's reelection, Rhodes asked to focus on Cuba. The team arrives in Laos; Rhodes believes Hillary Clinton will be the next president. Power attends a naturalization ceremony.

International Attention (04:41)

Rhodes reflects on Obama's 2016 bilateral meeting with President Xi. Power talks to her children about Nigeria; her trip to the country is centered on Boko Hara and the abduction of students.

Climate Change and Military Force (05:31)

Rhodes is frustrated with press tactics. Kerry addresses foreign policy issues while visiting Greenland. Rhodes discusses the default attitude about military force in Washington. Obama discusses the bombings in Laos and visits a prosthesis manufacturer.

U.S./Cameroon Relations (04:30)

Power and President Paul Biya agree on priorities for partnering to defeat the Boko Haram. She visits victims of the terrorists at the Minawao Refugee Camp. A small boy runs in front of the convoy and is killed.

Syrian Conflict (08:14)

Rhodes talks with Press Secretary Josh Earnest. Obama receives a plea for help from doctors in Aleppo; the Obama Administration is divided about the use of military force. Obama defends his decision not to use force.

September 2016: Four Months Left (04:31)

Obama Administration officials watch footage of the Trump campaign. Rhodes composes the UN General Assembly speech and reflects on poll numbers. Obama addresses the assembly; Rhodes and Power disagree about the sentiment of the speech.

Ceasefire in Syria? (08:57)

The U.S. and Russia devised a plan in hopes of reaching a turning point; Obama tries to mobilize commitments during his last general assembly meeting. Officials discuss the bombing of a humanitarian convoy and address the Russian Federation.

2016 Presidential Election (05:51)

Several influential women and Obama Administration staff members watch the election results. Rhodes struggles to find words. Kerry reflects on the challenges of bringing in a new administration.

Greece: Last Foreign Trip (07:41)

Obama and his team prepare for the speech; hear his address. Obama tours ancient ruins. He reflects on talking with younger staff members, gaining perspective, and future potential. Rhodes and Power consider their future.

Credits: The Final Year (04:09)

Credits: The Final Year

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Directed by award-winning filmmaker Greg Barker (HBO’s Manhunt), this fascinating feature documentary offers viewers a unique insiders' account of President Barack Obama's foreign-policy team during its last year in office. Featuring unprecedented “fly-on-the-wall” access inside the White House and State Department, the film offers an uncompromising view of the inner workings of the Obama Administration as it prepares to leave power after eight years. The film revolves around top members of Obama's foreign policy team: Secretary of State John Kerry, UN Ambassador Samantha Power, and Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes, as well as National Security Adviser Susan Rice and President Obama himself. The Final Year follows each of these personalities as they travel the world over the course of 2016, attempting to solidify and "lock-in" policies that they believe will define their legacy, promote diplomacy, and fundamentally alter how the U.S. government confronts questions of war and peace—all while preparing to hand over the machinery of American power to a new administration.

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