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General Guidelines (02:07)


RNs should follow established guidelines to ensure safety during medicine delivery. The "eight rights" of medication administration are listed.

Equipment Used for Injecting Medications (02:33)

To mitigate injury, several safety measures are available for injected medications. Review equipment considerations such as needle size and gauge, and their appropriate uses.

Drawing Up Medications Into a Syringe (06:43)

There are some instances in which a nurse must draw up medications themselves. Consider safety recommendations for the use of single and multi-dose vials. Observe proper medication drawing techniques.

Injections (04:06)

There are several types of injections. Consider patient preparation proper injection technique, and injection site identification.

Types of Injections (08:21)

Different types of injections have varying uses, indications, and equipment requirements. Consider the differences between intramuscular and other injection types. Learn about the Z-track injection technique and its applications.

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Administering Medications: Injections

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This program demonstrates and describes the safe administration of medication by injection: subcutaneous, intradermal, intramuscular, and into an intravenous injection port (parenteral medication administration). It identifies the landmarks used for injections, shows the use of the "Z-track" injection technique, and discusses the mandatory use of safer needle devices to prevent needlestick injuries.

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