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Effects of Islamophobia in Australia (05:36)


Men prepare a meal for a weekly lecture that Imam Uzair gives at the Holland Park Mosque; he speaks about how to respond to discrimination with dignity. Jamil is an Afghani refugee who recently found himself on a terrorism watch list, and this has prevented him from bringing his family to Australia. He speculates that being a Muslim makes him a target for fear.

Supporting Muslim Youth (05:53)

The Islamic Council has set up a youth support service, and Robbie Maestracci helps young people stay on track to succeed in life. He explains the importance of the five daily prayers, especially for youth. Uzair attends a cricket match, explaining that living in Australia has broadened his mind, and he wears his religious clothing so people will talk to him about Islam.

Addressing Accusations (03:33)

Ali Kadri and Jamil meet with counter-terrorism officers to discuss Jamil's status. They learn that a few of Jamil's taxi passengers have reported statements he made about Afghanistan and the Taliban. Though it is not resolved, Jamil is relieved and contacts his family.

Challenge of Raising Children in Islam (06:45)

Asha came from Sudan and is raising five kids; she worries that her son spends time with negative people. He gets arrested and Kadri goes to the police station; as his mentor, Maestracci is also troubled. Kadri explains that young Muslims struggle with their identity in Australia.

Journey Back to Islam (03:18)

Lamisse Hamouda works with Maestracci to support Muslim at-risk youth. She is returning to Islam after a divorce, and describes balancing her religion with her personal decisions.

Resolving Terrorist Accusations (04:41)

Jamil meets again with Kadri and the government officer on his case. The allegations against him have been cleared and his family can now immigrate to Australia. Uzair speaks to men at the mosque about Jamil's situation, and warns them that their actions represent all Muslims in Australia.

Challenge of Addressing Misinformation (04:52)

Uzair views controversial Muslim videos on the Internet, and argues that they spread misinformation about Islam, hurting real Muslim communities. Kadri describes his personal growth in his religion: since escaping persecution in India, he has learned to separate his emotions from his faith.

Marriage in a Multicultural Country (02:38)

Kadri came to Australia 15 years ago as a university student; he lives with his mother but she wants him to marry. He explains why he would like to marry a Muslim from another culture.

Speaking About Identity (02:09)

Hamouda joins her friend at a local wine bar to speak about her journey and struggles as a Muslim Australian. Like Hamouda, her friend rejected Islam as a young person, but unlike Hamouda, has not returned to it. Hamouda explains why it is a big deal to speak publicly about sins.

Expressing Openness as a Community (03:00)

As Muslim and non-Muslim extremists spread fear and hate on the internet, Kadri plans an online statement addressing a misconception. He receives hate mail, but in discussion with other leaders, he asserts that it is necessary to fight radical hate with radical peace. Uzair explains that they are representing the majority of Muslims who are peaceful but do not speak out.

Healing of the Individual, Family, and Community (07:16)

Hamouda gives a speech about her past, revealing shameful moments and how she overcame obstacles to return to Islam. Uzair speaks to men at the mosque about greeting people in a way that builds bridges between communities. Jamil welcomes his family to Australia after being apart for eight years.

Credits: The Mosque Next Door, Episode 2 (08:46)

Credits: The Mosque Next Door, Episode 2

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A member of the mosque congregation is reported to the National Security Hotline, as the mosque leadership confronts the fault lines between Muslim immigration and terrorism.

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