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Concerns of the Islamic Community (04:54)


Hatred and fear of Islam is spreading in Australia, encouraged by politician Pauline Hanson. Ali Kadri expresses the threat that she represents to his community. Imam Uzair of Holland Park Mosque leads morning prayer and teaches the Koran to young people.

Efforts to Improve Image of Islam (05:52)

The Holland Park Mosque was established in 1908 and has become more than a mosque: members play cricket in the field and assist with maintenance. Janeth Deen will put up Australian flags at the mosque for the first time. Kadri addresses fears of Islam through spreading awareness of the religion and reaching out to hostile groups.

Raising Awareness of Islam Through Education (04:24)

Uzair now welcomes non-Islamic groups into the mosque to educate them about the religion and community. He speaks with a group of high school students and answers their questions.

Halal Chat Pack (07:15)

Kadri leads a campaign to share Halal street food with people as a way to start conversations about Islam. He and young volunteers set up in a neighborhood known to be against a new mosque. Though some people are hostile, most enjoy the food and learn about Islam, breaking down previous stereotypes.

Conversion and Youth Work (04:28)

Cricket matches are an important part of the Holland Park Mosque community. Robbie Maestracci converted to Islam five years ago and is a youth worker for the Islamic council. He supports youth at risk of getting into drugs and crime.

Reconciling Opposing Views (05:55)

Deen brings her family together despite their different beliefs; they discuss multiculturalism in Australia, one member voicing anti-Islamic views. Kadri addresses these opinions and misconceptions on social media. Uzair explains that imposing oneself on another is against the teachings of Islam.

Meeting Islamophobia Face-to-Face (07:31)

Kadri notices an Australian, Jason, who spreads anti-Islamic views on social media to thousands of followers. Kadri invites him to the mosque to show him the community and address his misconceptions. Jason leaves with a better understanding and more compassion.

Women's Rights in Muslim Community (07:57)

The women at Holland Park Mosque have a separate prayer room, but it is in poor condition; Galila Abdel Salam visits to evaluate the women's case, and is disappointed to see how much nicer the men's prayer room is. She and her daughter discuss stereotypes of Muslim women and their hopes for the future. Salam attempts to discuss the issue of the prayer room with Uzair, but he does not give her his full attention.

Intolerance of Muslims in Government (03:38)

A man approaches Uzair about government concerns that Uzair is talking about terrorism and may be a threat. Hanson speaks to the Senate about the problem of Islam in Australia and suggests that Muslims leave the country. Kadri is troubled about the future of Muslims in Australia.

Credits: The Mosque Next Door, Episode 1 (09:08)

Credits: The Mosque Next Door, Episode 1

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The end of the Muslim holy month sees the mosque on the frontline of a rising tide of Islamophobia, as the mosque community tackles misconceptions with surprising results.

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