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Painkiller Addiction and Marijuana (04:58)


Colorado was one of first states to legalize medical marijuana. Sean Walton experienced a series of car accidents, damaging his spinal nerve. After years of a growing dependency on painkillers, he began using marijuana to manage the pain.

Infrared Light Therapy (06:41)

Lori Scott suffers from lower back pain and is trying a device that uses specific wavelengths of infrared light to heal damaged tissue. Fred Grover explains that infrared rays stimulate the release of nitric oxide, which opens capillaries to enhance blood flow. Sherry Fox developed a more affordable and portable infrared therapy device.

Virtual Reality for Burn Patients (07:56)

Hunter Hoffman studies human interaction with virtual environments. Brian Hicks who suffers from painful burns, is trying Hoffman's virtual reality game, Snow World. It provides a mental distraction from the pain that effectively diminishes it.

Lumiwave for Back Pain (00:51)

After two weeks of infrared light therapy for her back pain, Lori Scott has noticed relief. She explains that the device is easy to use, comfortable, and she feels less achy.

Credits: Fixing Pain (00:24)

Credits: Fixing Pain

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Fixing Pain

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Journey to Seattle, where a global pioneer in virtual reality has been helping burn patients deal with the traumatizing pain of wound care. And meet the creator of a professional-grade home device that uses LED light to heal human tissue.

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