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Amsterdam Smart City (04:31)


Amsterdam is constantly trying out new technologies to improve quality of life for citizens. Prof. James Pomeroy meets with the communications manager of the government initiative; Tree Wifi and the Sun Coalition are examples of smart projects. ROABOAT is a research collaboration between MIT and AMS Institute.

Amsterdam Arena (03:24)

This stadium is sustainable with a solar roof and wind energy. Recycled batteries from electric cars are used as back up energy. The Edge is an office building that collects information about its users in order to allow them to comfort control the environment through an app.

Floating Community (06:01)

Prof. Pomeroy is in IJberg, a neighborhood of houseboats. The homes can float in relation to the rising water level; the work on the Archimedes principle.

Amsterdam Rainproof Program (02:28)

Amsterdam has a plan to deal with cloudbursts. Massive flooding in 2011 required the redesign of municipal water systems. A hobbyist beer brewer uses filtered rain water in his product; byproducts can also be reused.

Circular Economy (04:46)

A hobbyist beer brewer uses filtered rain water in his product; byproducts can also be reused. Gerhard Schmidt shares his opinion on Amsterdam. Prof. Pomeroy shares his final thoughts on smart cities.

Credits: Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Episode 8 (00:43)

Credits: Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Episode 8

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Episode 8

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What makes the city of Amsterdam so smart? Is it technology, infrastructure, or a liberal attitude? And what can other cities learn fin their quest to embrace 21st century technology and infrastructure from Amsterdam? Jason Pomeroy is on a mission to find out.

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