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Market Leader DJI (04:29)


Shenzhen is one of China's major ports and first specially built economic zones. Prof. James Pomeroy visits a start-up to learn about drone technology and how the company benefits the city.

WeChat (02:59)

Prof. Pomeroy asks citizens about their use of this app. People use it for selfies, chatting, and virtual payment.

Urban Villages (02:50)

Prof. Pomeroy meets with an urban planner in Bai Shi Zhou to learn how Shenzhen has kept up with rapid economic and population growth. There is an emphasis on pedestrian zones and public space.

Technology Park (03:50)

Prof. Pomeroy meets with master builder Manfred Jaeger who has helped transform Shenzhen into a smart and green city. The campus promotes pedestrian activity; limited motor vehicle use in the city has helped lower pollution. Saskia Sassen things the city has not realized its full potential.

Future of Szenzhen (02:39)

Prof. Pomeroy meets with the Vice General Architect of Shenzhen's Urban Planning and Design Institute. It is one of lowest CO2 emitting cities in the China. Dream Works plans to allocate every person credits that they may purchase or sell.

Open Source Hardware Movement (04:21)

Seeed's hardware innovation platform helps support the ideas of entrepreneurs. A robotics competition features robots made from DIY kits. Prof. Pomeroy shares his final thoughts on Shenzhen.

Credits: Szenzhen, China, Episode 7 (00:39)

Credits: Szenzhen, China, Episode 7

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Shenzhen, China, Episode 7

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Shenzhen, China, is the hardware capital of the world and one of the country’s major ports—it is a city on top of its game. There is no denying that Shenzhen fosters innovation and entrepreneurship, but does success in business equal smart?

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