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100 Smart Cities Mission (02:15)


In anticipation of population growth, Ahmedabad is planning to make the city more livable. Ahmedabad Anil Menon explains that in India creating a smart city means raising the standard of living.

Waste Disposal (04:41)

GPS tracking is used to make sure garbage is picked up. Waste is separated at the city's only land fill. The plan is to become a zero waste city by 2031.

Gujarat International Finance Tech-City (04:03)

GIFT is aspiring to be a global hub for finance and IT by 2024. The infrastructure is currently being built. Saskia Sassen notes that India can afford the project, but needs better planners.

Area Development and City Development (05:09)

Prof. James Pomeroy speaks with an architect/urban planner about issues involved with building a smart city. The plan is skewed towards the development of certain areas. People need permanent housing.

Urban Regeneration Project (04:57)

The Sabarmati River was recently home to 10,000 slum families. The riverfront is being developed into public space and has further disenfranchised the poor who once lived there. Prof. Pomeroy shares his final thoughts on Ahmedabad.

Credits: Ahmedabad, India, Episode 5 (23:17)

Credits: Ahmedabad, India, Episode 5

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Ahmedabad, India, Episode 5

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It wants to be one of the first smart cities in India, but it’s also struggling to solve 18th and 19th century problems like sanitation. Jason travels to the city of Ahmedabad, the state of Gujarat’s largest city in India, to find out if a smart city be inclusive and improve the lives of all its people.

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