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Introduction: Road to Jihad—Episode 1 (01:43)


Passionate religious faiths have inspired conflict throughout the world. Mobeen Azhar will investigate how and why religious beliefs become embroiled in politics and whether the combination of power and piety can be diffused.

Demonstrations and Terrorism (05:35)

People march in the streets against Islam; a counter demonstration is larger and more diverse. On July 7, 2005, Germaine Lindsey detonated explosives on the London Underground. A surge in hate crimes often follows an atrocity carried out in the name of Islam.

Religious Debate and Radicalization (04:48)

Religion is the prevailing topic of debate at Speakers' Corner. Extremists have a narrow faith view and see violence as a righteous response; the majority of Muslims interpret Islam differently.

Birkby, Huddersfield (05:57)

Azhar visits the Pakistani neighborhood where he grew-up and joins his father for Friday prayers; the Barelvi tradition emphasizes poetry and spirituality. Azhar discusses generational differences and religious identity. He visits Dewsbury and sees where Mohammad Sidique Khan lived.

British Muslims (04:19)

Azhar's family considers their place in society; Tariq Ramadan discusses the European Islamic identity. Sadiq Khan, London's first Muslim mayor attends the Diwali Festival. Violence in the name of Islam is prevalent in Pakistan.

Violence in the Name of Islam (07:09)

In Pakistan, 68,000 have died from terrorist incidents since 2001; religion is a divisive force. Peshawar is a center of violence. Andaleep Aftab discusses the school massacre and the loss of her son.

Mindset of a Terrorist (03:06)

Azhar speaks with a Taliban militant who admits to committing murder and cites the Quran as justification. Jihad has certain conditions and is based on principles; it is for purity and is not terrorism.

Madrasas (03:44)

Talibanization has been linked to an education system. Azhar visits the Mahabat Khan Mosque and speaks with Qari Muhammad Tayyab Qureshi about the concept of Jihad and the Taliban. A student discusses his future.

Pakistani Education (04:40)

Government funded schools are often the only option for secular education; Rehman Khan discusses school conditions. Approximately 7 million Pakistani students lack access to basic education. The Madrasas that fill the gap are often unregulated and have increasing influence; they receive Saudi funding.

Religious Militancy (04:11)

Many people in Karachi fought to keep pluralism in their lives. Khurram Zaki taught young people who were under Taliban influence; he was assassinated in 2016. Tariz Ramadan believes Pakistanis should return to their culturally specific interpretation of Islam.

Abdullah Shah Ghazi (02:11)

Azhar always visits the shrine where men and women worship together when he returns to Pakistan. He reflects on the need for a theological and cultural shift.

Credits: The Road to Jihad, Episode 1 (00:25)

Credits: The Road to Jihad, Episode 1

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From anti-Islam protesters to Taliban extremists, BAFTA-winning reporter Mobeen Azhar travels from England to Pakistan to meet with those who are attacking mainstream, moderate Islam’s place in the modern world. In recent years, we have witnessed the rapid rise of Islamic extremists across the world who have endorsed a violent mix of politics and theology. This in turn has fueled negative stereotypes of Islam as a religion of violence and conflict. But why have these radical beliefs gained such traction, and how are Muslims around the world fighting back to reclaim their faith from extremist interpretation and to counter those who see Islam as incompatible with Western values? In the first episode of the award-winning Power and Piety series, British-Pakistani reporter and filmmaker Mobeen Azhar investigates the threats facing the peaceful practice of Islam today and explores the real stories behind the alarming headlines.

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