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Backlash Against Cartoons of Mohammed (03:18)


In 2005, twelve cartoons of Mohammed appear in a Danish newspaper. Worldwide backlash ends in the deaths of nearly 200 people.

Caricatures of Mohammed (01:32)

Muslims react against caricatures of Mohammed. The Prophet is the most important symbol to Muslims.

Danish Imam Spearheads Protests (02:04)

A key figure in the negative reaction to the Danish cartoons is Raed Hlayhel, the Danish Imam who moved from Denmark to Lebanon to spearhead protests.

Anti-Danish Riots in Lebanon (03:11)

Sheik Mohammed Rashid Qabbani Grand Mufti of Lebanon explains his reaction to the Danish cartoons of Mohammed. He claims a peaceful demonstration was disturbed by agitators who became violent.

Lebanese Government Encourages Rioting (01:50)

The Lebanese government orchestrates anti-Danish protesters. They burn the Danish Embassy. Surveillance cameras capture much on tape. An insult to the Prophet can land someone in Hell, according to Islam.

Istanbul: Religious Dogma into Bloody Rioting (03:56)

Secretary General of the OIC turned the cartoon depictions of Mohammed into a world political clash. He sees it as an insult to 1/5 of the world's population. He urges the Danish government to take action to avoid escalation.

Muslims: Worldwide Ban on Blasphemy (03:44)

Islamic leaders want the UN to place a worldwide ban on blasphemy. The Danish government takes a stand for free speech and free newspapers.

French Publisher in Court (02:09)

French Muslims take a newspaper publisher to court for publishing cartoons of Mohammed. Muslims defend their right to react to what they perceive as blasphemy.

Bounty on Cartoonist's Head (00:57)

Reaction in the Muslim world to cartoons about Mohammed escalate into shootings and arson. A $1 million bounty is placed on the cartoonist's head.

Muslim Leaders Mobilize Masses (02:25)

The man labeled "The global Mufti" in Qatar encourages his people to "roar like lions" in protest over cartoons of Mohammed.

Mohammed: Can He Be Depicted? (04:40)

Among Sunni it is generally understood that it is forbidden to depict the Prophet although it is not prohibited in the Koran.

Anti-Danish Demonstrations in Iran (02:43)

Some of the strongest reactions against the "blasphemous" cartoons of Mohammed are in Iran. Protesters, often led by professional revolutionaries, burn the Danish Embassy.

Professionally Organized Protests (02:05)

In Iran, it appears that one of the primary organizers of the violent demonstrations against the Danish government is a professional instigator.

Schools Train Protesters (03:11)

Iranian males learn to protest in "schools." Each week a protest is organized around a theme. The Danish visitor discovers his "guide" is supposed to obstruct his search for a professional protester.

Iranian Professional Protester (02:07)

Without permission, a Danish reporter goes to a forbidden area to interview a professional protester.

Chaos in Iran Over Cartoons (03:04)

In Tehran, the Danish ambassador's residence is fire-bombed. He asks permission to leave Iran. A professional Iranian protester shares his personal story of tragedy.

Holocaust Cartoons (01:44)

In Tehran, artists draw satirical cartoons of the Holocaust in retaliation for the cartoons of Mohammed.

European Attitudes About Holocaust (02:03)

Freedom of speech does not stand high on the agenda of the Islamic revolution. Yet, they point out that Europe does not allow mockery of the Holocaust. Perhaps European laws should be repealed.

Freedom of Speech in Europe (02:41)

Out of fear of Islamic reprisal for its theme, an opera in Berlin is cancelled. A court case in France is a test case for freedom of expression in Europe. The European publisher is acquitted.

Freedom of Speech--With Limits (02:09)

A Danish cartoonist feels that the worldwide conflict did impinge on freedom of speech. His editor rejects cartoons that poke fun at events in the Muslim world.

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In 2005, a handful of Danish cartoons sparked a worldwide debate over freedom of expression—and the freedom to express religious outrage. Was a violent Islamic backlash against caricatures of the prophet Mohammed justified? Can democracy and fundamentalism coexist in the global community? This program travels to Lebanon, Iran, Syria, Qatar, and Turkey, as well as to France and Denmark, in search of answers. Viewers will encounter a wide array of perspectives from influential figures—such as Raed Hlayhel, the Danish Imam who moved to Lebanon to spearhead protests; Sheikh Yusef al-Qaradawi, the al-Jazeera Islamic televangelist who called for a “day of anger” against the cartoons; and leading staff members of newspapers that published them. (54 minutes)

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