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Deep Diving and Breath Holding (12:04)


Loic Leferme, a member of the French national apnea team, trains to break his diving record. Alan Alda meets Leferme and the team doctor to learn how he stays underwater so long without needing to take a breath.

Memory Marathon (13:51)

Alda tests Frank Felberbaum's recall ability with a deck of playing cards. Felberbaum explains his methods to get the most out of his memory function. Alda visits the U.S. Memory Olympics where Felberbaum's students compete against eigning champion, Tatiana Cooley.

High Anxiety (12:05)

One in ten climbers in the Alps become so sick from mountain sickness that their lives are endangered. Peter Bartsch discusses the importance of predicting and treating mountain sickness. Bartsch is working on a test to determine who may be most susceptible.

I Was a Spaceman (14:59)

Alda meets American astronaut Jerry Linenger and his family, one of the original astronauts in the Shuttle-Mir program. Linenger explains the danger of bone and muscle loss in space and how it is managed. He describes adapting back to life on Earth.

Credits: SuperPeople (00:46)

Credits: SuperPeople

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Imagine someone holding his breath for seven-and-a-half minutes or memorizing a series of 500 random numbers. From extreme deep diving and extraordinary memory feats to prolonged space travel, people are pushing themselves to the limits of human performance. In this episode of Scientific American Frontiers, Alda visits with former NASA/Mir astronaut and record-setting space traveler Jerry Linenger, goes head-to-head with competitors in a national memory contest and meets a group of champion deep-divers who will leave viewers breathless.

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