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Dover, England (04:15)


Dover has always been the gateway to England for ships. White cliffs line the coastline that is 20 miles from mainland Europe. Near the town of Battle, English defenders were defeated by William the Conqueror and the Normans in 1066.

Sussex, England (05:16)

Sussex is a rural county with numerous seaside towns and resorts on the county's long channel coastline.

Hampshire, England (02:43)

Southampton is a port city with rapidly changing tides. Numerous famous ships, such as the Mayflower, left from Southampton Port.

Stonehenge and Stourhead (03:06)

Stonehenge's purpose and process remains a mystery, but it was built around the same time as the Egyptian pyramids. Stourhead has a series of water gardens next to the main house.

Longleat House (01:53)

Longleat has impressive walkways, gardens, and a hedge maze. A 2,000-year-old sculpture sits on the hill near the house.

Hadrian's Wall (00:38)

Roman Emperor Hadrian order a wall built across northern England in 122 AD. It was intended to mark the border of Britannia and keep the Scottish out.

English Midlands (04:53)

Waterscapes became a popular form of landscaping in the 18th century and many can be seen in the Midlands. Several churches became ruins after King Henry VIII broke from the church.

Northwest Cities (03:13)

Blackpool became a popular seaside resort when railways became more accessible from Liverpool, Manchester, and Leeds. Liverpool has a musical history.

Southwest England (04:22)

Exmoor National Park is the setting for "Lorna Doone." Dunster Castle is made of red sandstone, a modest building material for its time. The Wells Cathedral took 300 years to build.

Newmarket, England (01:02)

Newmarket is the birthplace of thoroughbred horse racing. The city has numerous facilities and horse racing tracks.

Cambridgeshire, England (02:05)

The Cambridge American Cemetery is the resting place of American soldiers killed in England during World War II. Cambridge was founded by medieval scholars as an alternative to Oxford.

Upper Thames Valley (03:15)

The valley is dotted with English manor homes and small farms. Stratford-on-Avon was the birthplace of William Shakespeare.

Blenheim Palace and Oxford (02:00)

The Duke of Malborough received the palace from Queen Anne in 1704. The city of Oxford grew around the university, which is the oldest in England.

London, England (08:52)

The Thames River runs through all of London. London has a combination of historical and ultra-modern architecture.

Historical Sites in London (02:47)

The Tower of London is known as a site of political turmoil, torture, and executions. Tower Bridge is commonly mistaken for London Bridge. The Globe Theatre sits on the bank of the Thames.

Greenwich and Canterbury (03:57)

Greenwich is east of London and home to the Royal Naval College. The Greenwich Meridian is measured from the Royal Observatory in the city. Canterbury sits further down the Thames.

Credits: Visions of Britain and Ireland: England (00:46)

Credits: Visions of Britain and Ireland: England

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