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The Best of Men: Dr. Guttmann's Arrival (05:00)


Dr. Ludwig Guttmann and Private William Heath arrive at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in England in 1944. Dr. Guttmann introduces himself to the patients and nurses on the ward for partially paralyzed soldiers.

The Best of Men: Getting to Work (07:27)

Nurse Carr and Sister Edwards mock Dr. Guttmann's methods and for being a German refugee. Dr. Guttmann begins working on the hospital's patients, freeing many from plaster casts and stopping their sedation. Dr. Guttmann is shocked by the lack of equipment on the ward.

The Best of Men: William's Surgery (03:10)

Dr. Guttmann stops Dr. Cowan from performing spinal stabilization surgery on Private Heath. The doctors bring their argument to General Blake at the hospital. Dr. Guttmann explains why he specializes in spinal treatment and wants to help wounded soldiers.

The Best of Men: First Night on the Ward (03:30)

Dr. Guttmann creates a routine of rotating patients at night to avoid bedsores. Dr. Guttmann and William talk about what the future holds for both of them.

The Best of Men: Being a Good Boy (08:10)

Dr. Guttmann's request for equipment for his patients is refused because they are deemed not treatable. He is told to follow the rules and not step on toes. The nurses get to know the patients as Dr. Guttmann travels to London.

The Best of Men: William's Visit (03:02)

William's parents come for a visit. His father tells Dr. Guttmann about his son and what he planned for his future.

The Best of Men: Death on the Ward (04:47)

Dr. Guttmann works to treat a nonverbal patient named Phillip. Nurse Carr helps ease Phillip as he dies. Dr. Guttmann yells at General Blake for the lack of help he is providing, which impresses the patients and nurses.

The Best of Men: Dr. Guttmann's Behavior (04:43)

Dr. Cowen calls a staff meeting regarding Dr. Guttmann's behavior. Dr. Guttmann skips the meeting and uses Dr. Cowen's medical theater to perform surgery on Wynne. Sister Edwards defends Dr. Guttmann.

The Best of Men: Activities on the Ward (05:41)

Sgt. "Q" Hill follows Dr. Guttmann's advice to find a way to make the soldiers more active with sports. Dr. Guttmann's work starts being recognized by the hospital and the patients become more active.

The Best of Men: William's Future (07:06)

William believes he can walk again despite Dr. Guttmann's prognosis. Dr. Guttmann tells him to consider a future where he cannot walk.

The Best of Men: Wynne's Future (01:22)

Wynne's family comes for a visit. Dr. Guttmann urges him to go home on weekends to the family's new apartment.

The Best of Men: Hockey Training (06:10)

After seeing some of the patients playing makeshift golf, Dr. Guttmann gets hockey and golf equipment from the gym. Dr. Guttmann and Q discuss how the patients could play hockey. The patients continue playing hockey despite minor injuries.

The Best of Men: Basketball Training (02:28)

The patients and staff of the spinal ward go to a local pub. Dr. Guttmann and Q decide hockey is too rough and start training the patients in basketball.

The Best of Men: Facing the Future (07:36)

Dr. Guttmann talks with William's father, who plans to send him to a retirement home when he is discharged. Dr. Guttmann tells the patients that they must go out into society and live normal lives in the future. He convinces Wynne to go home to his wife for a weekend.

The Best of Men: Wynne's Weekend (06:26)

Wynne complains as he leaves for the weekend as the other patients continue basketball training. Dr. Guttmann thinks about starting a tournament for paralyzed patients throughout Great Britain. Wynne joyously returns to the hospital and convinces William that they can live outside.

The Best of Men: William's Decision (05:16)

Dr. Guttmann tells William he must make plans for his own future. The hospital has a meeting about Dr. Guttmann's idea for national games, which Dr. Cowen opposes. William stands up to his father.

The Best of Men: National Games (06:33)

The hospital hosts the national games and the ward is written up in the newspaper. A new patient arrives at the ward. William makes up with his father.

Credits: The Best of Men (00:45)

Credits: The Best of Men

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The Best of Men follows one remarkable doctor as he transforms the standards of care for paraplegics. Arriving at Stokes Mandeville Hospital in 1944, Doctor Guttmann reinvigorates the lives of his staff and patients with one daring move: he introduces athletics into the rehabilitation plan of his patients, paralyzed soldiers who have been cast-off and are facing death from neglect.

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