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"Wolf Hall": Getting Rid of Anne (04:46)


Jane Seymour has captured the king's attention. Thomas Cromwell dreams he stabs Anne Boleyn at a dinner party. After Henry storms out of the room, Anne threatens Cromwell.

"Wolf Hall": Court Disagreement (06:28)

Nicholas Carew attempts to convince Cromwell to help free the king. Anne teases her musician Mark Smeaton, slaps Lady Jane Rochford, and orders Henry Norris to drop her sister-in-law into a river.

"Wolf Hall": Angry and Vengeful (02:42)

Lady Rochford divulges that George and Anne are inseparable and infers that it is an incestuous relationship. Cromwell advises her to speak to no one.

"Wolf Hall": Interrogating Smeaton (06:47)

Cromwell manipulates the musician into saying the queen had intimate relations with him, Norris, and Weston.

"Wolf Hall": Confession (02:22)

Smeaton says that Weston, Brereton, Norris, Richard Burglo, and Walter Wallace had intimate relations with the queen. Richard Cromwell informs the king of the confession at the May Day Joust.

"Wolf Hall": Arrest (03:59)

The Duke of Norfolk, Thomas Audley, and Cromwell escort Anne to the Tower of London.

"Wolf Hall": Deception (02:58)

Archbishop Cranmer begins to support Anne but stops. Henry asserts that the queen has committed adultery with 100 men. Cromwell remembers that Norris, George, Weston and Brereton were the individuals who performed in the play about Cardinal Wolsey's descent into hell.

"Wolf Hall": Interrogations (08:40)

Norris refuses to confess to adultery. Cromwell explains that he found men who were guilty of crimes, just not adultery. Weston breaks down in tears.

"Wolf Hall": Final Confrontation (05:44)

Anne does not know why the king is holding her at the Tower of London. Cromwell informs the queen that she will be tried by her peers.

"Wolf Hall": Trial of Anne and George (04:57)

Cromwell interrogates Anne in front of a jury of her peers. The judge rules the queen guilty and sentences her to be executed.

"Wolf Hall": Execution (07:34)

Anne looks up at the tower because she believes the king will pardon her. The executioner lops off her head. The waiting women gather the queen's head and body and stagger away.

"Wolf Hall": Conclusion (01:09)

Henry embraces Cromwell.

Credits: Masterpiece: Wolf Hall - Episode 6 (00:58)

Credits: Masterpiece: Wolf Hall - Episode 6

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Masterpiece: Wolf Hall - Episode 6

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Henry’s love for Anne Boleyn has given way to anger and distrust and he instructs Cromwell to rid him of his second Queen. Sensing her loss of favor, the Queen’s enemies gather.

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