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Getting Ahead: Introduction (02:14)


California is the first state to incrementally raise the state wage to $15.00 an hour. This segment orients viewers to the topic of increasing minimum wage.

Oakland, CA: Family Life (07:34)

Maria Martinez and Jaime Gaucin were once homeless and continue to struggle financially. Nationwide, 70% of those seeking public assistance are working families; assistance programs cost tax payers over $45 billion a year.

Oakland, CA: Reaching Beyond Care (05:02)

Asiya Jabbaar had to reduce staff and cut hours after the minimum wage increase; she works two additional jobs. Eunice Medina changed jobs and dropped out of college. The cost of food, housing, and gas increased.

Oakland, CA: Chinatown (06:01)

Approximately 31% of residents live at or below the poverty line; small businesses and restaurants operate on a slim profit margin. Danny Huang discusses effects of the minimum wage increase and Jason Sim explains why he opened a business.

Berkley, CA: Wage Debate (03:07)

The minimum wage increase controversy is more about capital owners versus labor owners. A city council meeting gets loud when opposing sides argue about raising wages to $19 an hour.

Berkley, CA: Nina Designs (02:59)

Nina Cooper pays her employees $14 an hour and believes $19 is unrealistic for entry level workers with no training.

San Francisco, CA: Bi-Rite Markets (06:20)

The city was one of the first to mandate sick leave and a $15 minimum wage. Approximately 25% of Bi-Rite employees make minimum wage or just above it; wage increases do not always translate to more disposable income.

Emeryville, CA (04:02)

The city pays the highest minimum wage in the country; IKEA employees discuss the impact of wage increases. Businesses have to adapt labor policies and people will lose jobs.

Emeryville, CA: Fast Food Jobs (06:12)

Workers energized the Fight for 15; Shanda Roberts is proud of participating. Across the U.S., over 50% of fast food workers are over the age of 20. Experts disagree on the impact of wage increases to consumers.

Oakland, CA: Actual Cafe (09:03)

Sal Bednarz employees 26 people. He discusses the challenges of a minimum wage increase, the ballot initiative, and changes in his restaurant. Employees often support families.

What is the Impact? (02:09)

Hard data on the minimum wage increase will not be available for two years. Experts consider the benefits of increased wages and public demand.

Credits: Getting Ahead (00:30)

Credits: Getting Ahead

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Join host Tavis Smiley as he explores the issue of raising the minimum wage in four Northern California cities, where pay increases have been in place for at least two years, through the eyes of small business owners and hourly wage earners.

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