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Pebble Deposit (07:40)


Bristol Bay, Alaska has a vast ecosystem; the salmon fishery is threaded through southwestern Alaska. Bristol Bay is where sockeye salmon lay their eggs and then die. The Pebble Deposit is a copper mine, but also contains gold.

Environmental Impact of the Mines (06:47)

The Pebble Prospect lies on the headwaters of two of Bristol Bays most important salmon-producing systems. The mine is planned to be an open pit mine as much as four miles wide and a mile deep with a large tailings dam nearby.

Alaskan Native Lifestyle (09:08)

A commercial fisherman has joined forces with the environmentalists against the proposed mine at Bristol Bay. The Pebble Project would have a huge impact on the economy of Alaska as well as the environment; locals are divided on the issue.

Bingham Canyon Mine (11:16)

Bingham mine is located in a dry, arid landscape, while Pebble would cut deep into a system of streams, rivers, and important underground springs. The mineral copper would throw off the rhythm of the salmon including their ability to locate the stream where they spawned. The Pebble Project would produce ten billion tons of waste which would have to be stored and monitored forever.

Environmental and Legal Mining Hearings (09:41)

Environmental scientists gathered together to ask questions about the Pebble Partnership mining plans; Woody doubts the plan stating that there have not been enough studies conducted to determine the environmental impact. Opponents of the mining plan have had trouble attaining reliable and easily accessible data about the project from the corporation. The CEO of Pebble describes his plan to wait until the permitting process to address many of the basic environmental concerns.

Coalition of Anti-Pebble Groups (06:36)

The state of Alaska continues to be divided over the Pebble Project decision; many of the environmentalists and fisheries banded together to bring in the EPA to do an extensive study of the impact of the mine on the region. Other Alaskans believe the involvement of the environmental protection agency stripped the local citizens of their state rights and will turn investors away from Alaska.

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Credits: Alaska Gold

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FRONTLINE travels to Alaska to probe the fault lines of a growing battle between those who depend on the Bristol Bay region of southwest Alaska, home to the last great wild Sockeye salmon fishery in the world for a living, the mining companies who are pushing to extract enormous amounts of mineral deposits, estimated to be worth some $300 billion, and the political framework that will ultimately decide the outcome.

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