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Precious Natural Resource (05:43)


This episode will explore innovative ways that allow farms to use less water. Agriculture uses 80% of America's fresh water. In Klamath Falls, Oregon, local residents discuss how three endangered species of fish made irrigation difficult.

Compromise in Klamath Falls (03:14)

Environmentalists, farmers, and Native American tribes put aside differences and agreed that Klamath dam should be removed. Rick Walsh built greenhouses to grow crops year round.

Quinoa Salad Recipe (02:02)

Walsh demonstrates how to prepare his salad recipe that he sells at the local farmer's market. Holly Doremus describes how California needs to encourage and support innovative policies regarding water.

Firebaugh, California (03:36)

Alec Smith describes how he uses an underground drip. California experiences a lack of rainfall and regulatory drought. Water used in agriculture picks up minerals and salts and is no longer potable.

Creating Potable Water (03:25)

WaterFx uses solar energy to desalinate water. The company helps other companies and growers build their own plant.

Ukiah, California (06:00)

The Mendocino Wine Company uses watermarks to determine when to irrigate crops. Tim Thornhill describes his drip line system for his grapes and using trickle towers to remove the sugar from wastewater. The winery feeds its employees from vegetables grown on the property.

Credits: Quest for Water, Episode 9 (00:36)

Credits: Quest for Water, Episode 9

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Quest for Water, Episode 9

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How can agriculture use less water and still grow enough food for everyone? Are we finally emerging from the water wars of the west that pitted Native American tribes and environmentalists against farmers and ranchers? Dive into solutions that some water users are discovering to protect this most precious resource in the face of drought, politics and environmental conflicts.

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