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Salinas, California (03:34)


This episode will explore programs that help farmers create social justice and prosperity. ALBA trains young Hispanic Farm Laborers. California Farmlink is government subsidized and provides farmers with tools they need to lease and purchase land.

ALBA's Success Story (03:16)

Octavio Garcia purchases an additional half-acre of land every year, growing strawberries, tomatoes, kale, and celery. Organic fertilizers and pesticides must be approved. Garcia is pursuing a degree in farm science at Fresno State.

Dallas, Texas (07:27)

Elizabeth Wattley grew up in Oak Cliff. The President of Paul Quinn College decided to take an unproductive space and grow food for himself and the community. WE over Me Farm addresses a social need with a business approach and sells its produce in local markets.

Houston, Texas (04:28)

Teresa O'Donnell grew up in the Bel Air community. Congolese refugees train to grow food in vacant urban lots over a twelve-month period. Upon graduation, they are allocated a half-acre of land.

Farmer's Markets (05:13)

Plant it Forward sells out of crops weekly at the local farmer's market. The Mayor of Houston questions the students about their agriculture strategies. Constant Ngoula cooks and prepares dinner from the crops he grows.

Credits: Food (Justice) for All, Episode 8 (00:36)

Credits: Food (Justice) for All, Episode 8

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Food (Justice) for All, Episode 8

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All across the country, the ways and means of America's small farmers are evolving. Young Hispanic farm laborers in California’s Salinas Valley are moving up the economic ladder, training to become tomorrow’s organic farm owners. In Houston, Congolese refugees are creating communities around vacant urban lots.

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