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Merced, California (05:00)


Recent innovations will make food healthier, more delicious, and sustainable. Hassan Amin uses crop-monitoring drones on his pistachio and almond farm, noticing changes over time.

Analyzing Results (02:23)

The farmer can download information data daily to notice problem areas. Drones help them make more informed about their crops.

New Biological Tools (04:17)

During the 20th Century, scientists studied individual molecules in food. Individuals house trillions of micro-organisms. The American Gut Project maps human microbiomes.

Yogurt and Fermented Foods (03:26)

Fermented foods can help treat diseases by manipulating microbiomes in the stomach. Michael Pollen demonstrates how to make sauerkraut.

San Francisco, California (03:24)

Monica Martinez sells insects as an alternative source of protein.

La Cocina (05:35)

Martinez hopes that edible insects can be sold in supermarkets within five years. Food Incubators provide opportunities and access to resources for food entrepreneurs.

Credits: The Future of Food, Episode 7 (00:30)

Credits: The Future of Food, Episode 7

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The Future of Food, Episode 7

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A new breed of passionate farmers, chefs and scientists are revamping the American food system. Combining people’s passions and technological ingenuity, visit tech-savvy growers flying crop-monitoring drones in California’s central valley. We step into CU Boulder’s lab to map the human microbiome with visionary food journalist, Michael Pollan.

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