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Damaging Soil (02:00)


Soil depletes as crops are harvested. Pesticides, fertilizers, livestock, and urban development damages the top six inches. Plants need carbon microbes for sustainable growth.

Nicasio, California (04:43)

John Wick's father would destroy farms by over-harvesting crops. Dr. Whendee Silver and John Wick reduce the impact of climate change by putting carbon in the atmosphere into the soil. Dairies have more carbon in the soil than beef operations.

Human Waste (02:28)

Dr. Gary Anderson explains that individuals need to destroy all the pathogens before using human waste in compost.

Prophetstown, Illinois (05:02)

Amish Mennonites want to farm sustainably. Potassium Chloride sterilizes the soil. Clay Nielson describes makes humus compost from cornstalks, wheat straw, soy bean straw, manure, and clay.

Walnut, Illinois (02:19)

Alan Dale uses humus compost instead of adding potassium chloride, nitrogen, and phosphate. Tilling destroys soil composition.

Wardensville, West Virginia (03:56)

Josh Frye wants to find a sustainable method of changing poultry litter into fuel. Charcoal adds nutrients to the soil.

Family Time (02:49)

Frye demonstrates how to make vinegar based chicken sauce. The family grills, says grace, and eats dinner.

Credits: SOS: Save Our Soil, Episode 4 (01:15)

Credits: SOS: Save Our Soil, Episode 4

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SOS: Save Our Soil, Episode 4

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The top six inches of soil are the most precious, yet least understood ecosystem on earth—yet we continue to treat soil like dirt. Get down and dirty with large-scale Midwestern composters, California carbon farmers reversing climate change and a West Virginia poultry farmer creating "biochar" from chicken poop. Explore new frontiers beneath our feet that just might save our soil.

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