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Collaborative Learning (10:09)


Stephen Chung describes how and why it is difficult for architects to design spaces such as hospitals. The Medical School at The University of Arizona brings all healthcare disciplines into one building.

Functional Learning Environments (07:16)

Chung talks about how the Health Education Sciences architects used copper creatively as a windscreen, cooling system, and the perforated panels allow the sun to illuminate the inside space. The students of the different healthcare schools discuss their opinions of the area.

Yale Health Center (08:02)

Chung describes how difficult it is for hospitals, mainly teaching hospitals, to find a way to create privacy for patients, students, and faculty. This hospital is one of the highest volumes and houses Connecticut's largest pharmacy.

Naturally Lighting a Hospital (09:35)

Chung describes the abnormal shape of the Yale Medical facility in comparison to the typical structures of medical buildings. The architects had to collaborate with a landscape designer to create the rooftop "healing garden."

World Famous Architect Frank Gehry (10:20)

The Cleveland Clinic for Brain Health in Los Vegas was built to bring global attention to the research and treatment of neurological diseases. Architect Frank Gehry discusses his design process for the brain center.

Architectural Form and Function (07:56)

Chung discusses the traditional organization of the Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas, despite its very nontraditional structural design. The staff believes the design of the building is a valuable marketing tool allowing them to show how serious their research is.

Credits: Healing Spaces (01:09)

Credits: Healing Spaces

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The Ruvo Center in Las Vegas and the Yale University Health Services Building are showcased.

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