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European Invasion (08:50)


Napoleon Bonaparte hoped to conquer British troops and add them into his newly created French Empire. British propaganda painted the Corsican French leader as a "bony-man" which is where the folk tale of the Boogie Man originated. The British Royal Navy was the world's most powerful maritime force.

Napoleon Conquers Vienna (05:19)

Napoleon and his men marched toward the Russian and Austrian armies. Napoleon took General Karl Mack by surprise. When Napoleon decided to make himself emperor, he lost the support of many powerful patriots.

Battle of Austerlitz (07:49)

British Admiral Horatio Nelson destroyed a French fleet at Trafalgar. Napoleon chose a small, hilly field to make his final stand against the Russian and Austrian troops; Czar Alexander I commanded the Russian troops. Historians discuss the military strategy Napoleon utilized.

Napoleon's Victory at Austerlitz (08:03)

See a reenactment of the Battle of Austerlitz; the battle went as Napoleon expected. Alexander I did not know how to respond to the French attack and lost control of his army. Austrian Emperor Francis I sought peace.

Napoleon's Empire and Family Life (10:11)

Napoleon forced all conquered territories to adopt the Civil Code he created for France. He dissolved the Jewish Ghetto in Vienna and made plans for a girls school. Historians discuss Napoleon's tireless lifestyle during his reign.

Emperor Napoleon and Czar Alexander (08:22)

Russia and Great Britain remained enemies of Napoleon's French Empire; Napoleon forbade European nations to trade with the British Isles. French soldiers marched into Poland to defeat Russia. Napoleon met with Alexander to discuss a peace treaty; he believed he had befriended the czar, but was mistaken.

Credits: The Summit of Greatness (00:46)

Credits: The Summit of Greatness

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Episode III witnesses Napoleon conquer most of Europe in a series of brilliant triumphs, including his legendary victory at the Battle of Austerlitz. To sustain his rule, he must keep fighting. But when he invades Spain, he has begun to reach too far.

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