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Early Childhood Creativity (07:51)


Using imagination playfully is an important step in children developing creative reasoning skills. Neuroscientist Dr. Jay Giedd says one of key elements of the brain is its ability to go throughout time and discover past and future scenarios. Arts and sports are statistically why children stay in school; the dropout rate in Los Angeles is currently one in three.

Foundations of Design (08:00)

Avery is gifted in the arts as well as math and science; her parents believe in instilling a hardworking foundation in their children. Marin Alsop says talent cannot override hard work. Neural connections are rewired and pruned to the systems which are used most frequently.

Music's Connection to Life Skills (09:24)

Non-profit programs such as Arts for Humanity and OrchKids provide children with enriching experiences. Dan Trahey explains the fundamentals of the program. The arts encourage interaction and collaboration among children while other subjects in school are individualistic.

Use it or Lose it Principle (06:01)

Lifetime involvement in the arts is beneficial for the brain because it increases neuroplasticity. Dr. Limb uses MRIs to study changes in the brain as a freestyle rapper performs. Creative thinking and performance is a way for people to use every part of the brain.

Writing and Performing Poetry (14:40)

Actress Diane Luby Lane is the founder and executive director of "Get Lit," an intensive poetry program for kids. Teens perform and give workshops at regional schools. Jan Kirsch of Inner-City Arts helps teachers understand the role the arts play in early childhood development.

Diversifying Classical Music (07:31)

OrchKids prepares for a performance alongside the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. The Northeast Singers hold their final concert under the leadership of Charles Williams. Experts share final thoughts on the importance of creative expression.

Credits: Arts & The Mind (00:57)

Credits: Arts & The Mind

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