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"HONKY": Sky Shoes (08:39)


Sky Shoes is a successful company selling to the urban youth market. After an African-American teen was killed for his SkyMax 16s, Mr. Talison wants to capitalize on the incident. He wants designer Thomas to start pitching the shoes to white suburban kids.

"HONKY": Therapy Session (06:20)

Peter, a white man, is flustered when he meets his new therapist Emilia, who is black. He tries to justify racism while attempting to be politically correct. He admits he wrote the Sky Shoes ad that got a teenager killed.

"HONKY": Shot Over Shoes (02:59)

Peter arrives home and tells his fiancé, Andie, someone witnessed the shooting. Andie fails to understand why someone would be shot over a pair of shoes.

"HONKY": Being Black (06:03)

Thomas visits Emilia, worried that he is not black enough. He complains about his racist boss at Sky Shoes and plans to confront the writer of the ad.

"HONKY": Insensitivity Toward Minorities (04:33)

A member of the board meets with Mr. Talison about his behavior at Sky Shoes. The board member avoids saying he is racist.

"HONKY": White Guilt (06:35)

Andie and Peter plan their wedding. Peter is distracted by tragedies in the news and is concerned about white privilege.

"HONKY": Confrontation on the Subway (03:27)

A white teen is shot for his SkyMax 16s. Mr. Talison gets into an altercation with two black teenagers when he says the N-word.

"HONKY": Treatment for Racism (04:48)

A doctor discovered he could end racism if he could replicate the brain damage of a KKK member. Mr. Talison visits him after being put on probation at Sky Shoes. He must prove he is a racist to get treatment.

"HONKY": Being Offensive (07:56)

Andie and Thomas meet at a party. Andie explains which people can and cannot make offensive jokes. He tells her she should consider her audience and she agrees.

HONKY: Visit from Frederick Douglas (05:54)

Mr. Talison's racism treatment pills make him hallucinate Douglas. He accuses him of using people and trying to turn Sky Shoes white.

"HONKY": Monstrous Ignorance (07:52)

Andie hooks up with Thomas. Peter visits Emilia and is haunted by what his ad has done. Emilia is visited by Abraham Lincoln, a side effect from her racism treatment pills.

"HONKY": Second Confrontation (02:40)

Peter tries to give free shoes to two black teenagers on the subway wearing private school uniforms. One steals his watch and wallet.

"HONKY": Interracial Relationship (07:58)

Andie and Thomas get in an argument about talking without thinking. Andie admits she only started dating Thomas because he is black. But now she does not care.

"HONKY": Cultural Ownership (04:16)

Thomas sneaks into Mr. Talison's office. He pulled the SkyMax 16 ad but was fired and blames Thomas. Mr. Talison says black identity has been stolen and watered down.

"HONKY": Peter's Breakthrough (07:56)

Peter asks Emilia on a date to learn about black culture. Peter talks out his frustration and decides white privilege and racism is not his fault. Emilia also has a breakthrough.

"HONKY": Third Confrontation (05:59)

Thomas encounters the same teenagers on the subway. They offer to trade him the racism treatment pills for the prototype of the new Sky Shoes; he refuses.

"HONKY": Weightlessness (05:59)

Thomas wears the prototype shoes. He makes amends with Andie and she agrees to leave Peter. Mr. Talison, Emilia, and Peter continue to take racism treatment pills.

Credits: OnStage in America: HONKY (02:38)

Credits: OnStage in America: HONKY

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A hilarious send-up of race relations in contemporary America by young playwright Greg Kalleres. HONKY's characters juggle imaginary pharmaceuticals, basketball shoes, race, and love in this no-holds-barred yet touching comedy.

Length: 104 minutes

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