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Robert Langer (06:51)


Robert Langer is a chemical engineer, who has pioneered new technologies in the fields of biology and medicine. Through tissue engineering, he developed a new medicine delivery system that can be implanted into someone's brain. He received criticism from the scientific community when he first announced the slow release system.

Controlled Release Drugs (02:29)

Langer and a team developed microchips that can slowly deliver medicine inside a person. He hopes to expand the technology to fight more diseases.

Tissue Engineering (04:24)

Langer combines cells with polymer to create new organs and tissues. The cells are placed on the polymer scaffold and grow into the needed tissues.

Educational Background (08:05)

Langer enjoyed playing with his chemistry set as a child. He studied chemistry at Cornell University and chemical engineering at MIT. He is a professor at MIT and started a school for low-income children.

Tumor Breakthrough (01:33)

At his first job, Langer found a way to cut off blood vessels that help tumors grow. A chemical needed to be added, but it had to be slow. It led him to developing his controlled release drug system.

Credits: Masters of Technology: Episode 2 - Robert Langer (00:42)

Credits: Masters of Technology: Episode 2 - Robert Langer

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Episode 2: Robert Langer (Masters of Technology)

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Broadcaster Evan Soloman sits down with chemical engineer Robert Langer, who developed much of the framework for the biomedical engineering industry. 

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