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Connecting Education (09:34)


Students need to connect what they are doing to a tangible and relevant outcome. Middle school students help with creating a space at Endangered Ark Foundation for elephants retired from the circus using an app called Project Noah that identifies plants.

Game-Based Learning (12:11)

Teachers ask students to get involved with Community Planet, an online social media and gaming platform, to talk about school quality. Students find and solve problems by interviewing others, writing their opinions, presenting their findings, and participating. Students are more open to learning and doing their best when they are working on meaningful projects where they are heard.

Motivation and Freedom (02:02)

The psychology that most people study revolves around the question of what motivates people. The inauthenticity that happens in public school education pushes students to leave. There is a lack of freedom in high school because the only choice many students have is through their electives.

Passion and Learning (07:30)

Students in high school do not learn what they want to or many times what would be applicable in the working world; standards in public school have been lowered and students are bored. When people find things they are interested in or passionate about, they want to learn. Two programs, Innovation Lab and United Roots, allow students to work on subjects and projects they are passionate about.

Alternative Learning (02:46)

Formal learning institutions hire people to give students information for them to memorize. In alternative programs mentioned, students can be a part of a network where they are surrounded by, communicated with, and work with others who have similar passions and goals. Students need to know that what they are learning in school will pay off in the working world; because technology is changing, education needs to change.

Making Connections (05:08)

One student blogs because it is evidence of what she has been doing as well as a way for her to communicate with others who share the same passion. Blogging is a way for like-minded people to connect, learn, and offer knowledge. At United Roots, students learn to navigate real-world problems and issues.

Spreading a Message (06:38)

A student talks about forming the Harry Potter Alliance, it is about inspiring fans to act as heroes. Members want fair trade chocolate and use social media to spread their message. The Harry Potter Alliance is vast because it is not defined by where people live but in their shared interests, and members use their passion to solve social problems.

Connections to the Classroom (05:43)

When people are connected to the internet, all the problems and all the solutions are available. Children need to be encouraged to develop individual expertise. The institution of education pushes students to know nothing more or less than what is taught in class, but much of the time, the information taught is not connected to the world outside of school.

Credits: Is School Enough? (00:57)

Credits: Is School Enough?

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