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Brand Growth and Marketing Focus (06:37)


Corey Maynard describes the concept of a $400 cooler, and the growth of the Yeti company. Maynard's marketing centers around the trips and moments of joy people dream about. As a brand with passion and energy, Yeti marketing connects people to a world of adventure then informs them about product details.

Identifying and Targeting Customers (07:55)

Yeti uses data to learn about customers and identify the right time and place to send a message. Yeti coolers are sold in independent stores where their value is appreciated and there is a personal connection. Maynard describes the significance of major brand believers who influence others.

Personalized Marketing Techniques (05:09)

Maynard and John Immesoete discuss TV product placement and integration; Yeti depends on sponsorships with people on outdoor programs. Through hunting and fishing programs and magazines, the brand reaches many enthusiasts. Maynard describes Yeti's relationships with brand ambassadors and how he chooses a platform to tell stories.

Advice for Young People in Marketing (06:07)

Maynard only works on a brand and product he believes in. A career path is hard to predict, but he recommends young people choose brands they are passionate about and be in an environment where they can learn. Maynard advocates continual learning and developing a diverse set of skills

Role of CMO (07:01)

Marketers must constantly challenge current methods and try new things. Advertising has to reject convention and surprise viewers, often without a formula. CMOs have to be a salesperson and buyer. Maynard cannot look at every pitch, but hopes agencies will research the company and be relevant to their mission.

Role of Ad Agencies (03:56)

Maynard and Immesoete discuss what makes a good pitch and how the advertising industry is changing. Maynard needs agencies to understand his brand and offer him a new way to make a human connection with an audience. He values agencies that can recognize a gap in Yeti's marketing and propose a way to fill it.

Credits: A Conversation With Corey Maynard: Conversations with Giants (00:27)

Credits: A Conversation With Corey Maynard: Conversations with Giants

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A Conversation With Corey Maynard: Conversations with Giants

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As VP of Marketing for YETI Coolers, Corey Maynard is passionate about connecting his products with the people who love them. Join John Immesoete as he sits down with Corey and talks authenticity, the importance of creating a compelling narrative, and what happens when personal passions and work intersect.

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