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Balancing New Technology and Authenticity (05:40)


Jeff Marcoux describes his role connecting Microsoft research to marketers and digital agencies. He teaches clients about using technology in an informed, culturally relevant way. He emphasizes the challenge for many companies to maintain a connection to origins and values

Storytelling Avenues and Marketer Responsibilities (05:08)

Marcoux explains the importance of using technology to establish an emotional connection and tell a story. John Immesoete and Marcoux discuss the challenge of understanding audiences and telling stories on different platforms. Measuring capabilities and revenue associated with marketing reflects a significant shift in the business.

CMO Role and Customer Feedback (04:19)

A CMO must think like a CEO. CMOs must manage technology, the brand, customer experience, and work with sales and IT departments. CMOs also deal with social media and customer complaints.

Working With Advertising Agencies (04:51)

Microsoft constantly receives pitches from agencies. The level of engagement and trust determines which agencies Marcoux works with. Immesoete and Marcoux discuss procurements and potential in working outside of categories.

Value and Dangers of Data (06:57)

Immesoete and Marcoux discuss the significance of data for creative companies. Brands that begin with specific questions find valuable data and succeed. Companies can interpret data to promote their view, so criticism and honesty are important.

Teaching New Marketing Techniques (05:38)

Marcoux teaches content marketing and trans-media storytelling at UC Irvine Extension. He enjoys working with students who have chosen to come back to school. Many students are not prepared to work with data and new technology mediums out of college.

Future of Technology in Marketing (05:39)

Agencies need to understand customer motivation using psychology, and learn how to use new technology tools. More companies are creating in-house creative teams to keep up with the faster pace of advertising and change.

Credits: A Conversation With Jeff Marcoux: Conversations with Giants (00:27)

Credits: A Conversation With Jeff Marcoux: Conversations with Giants

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Microsoft CMO lead, Jeff Marcoux, sits down with John to discuss the future of data-driven marketing, and how data and creativity work together to create better consumer experiences.

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