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Creating Engaging Content (06:07)


SoulPancake creates positive space online for communication about life questions. Shabnam Mogharabi prefers not to focus on "viral" pieces but create content that consistently engages an audience. Mogharabi and John Immesoete discuss the value of humorous versus inspirational content.

Positivity and Evolution of the Internet (06:19)

Mogharabi's company counteracts the negativity pervasive on the internet and leading a movement of companies creating uplifting content. The internet is in a self-esteem phase in which positive feedback and engagement thrive. As it enters a self-actualization phase, people look for purpose and social awareness online and in companies.

Election Messaging (06:37)

Immesoete speculates that more positive communications could have improved the recent election. Mogharabi agrees both campaigns were negative, but Donald Trump's election has incited activism and a conversation that could have positive results. Addressing difficult issues directly and communicating with empathy will help the country progress.

Background (06:03)

Mogharabi began her career as a journalist and wrote her graduate thesis on the need for relevant philosophical content in the media. She got involved in creating content for SoulPancake when it first started. She loves sharing diverse content that inspires and changes people's perspectives.

Learning from Challenges (04:52)

Mogharabi had to learn about technology, realizing its significance in modern communication. Though she has always excelled in her professional life, she struggles to balance her personal life. She describes the tools she has learned to be more positive.

Reinvention and Success (02:24)

Immesoete suggests that traditional journalism is dying. Mogharabi agrees that people are finding new creative ways to share stories. She argues that her persistence and restlessness has led to her success.

Credits: A Conversation With Shabnam Mogharabi: Conversations with Giants (00:27)

Credits: A Conversation With Shabnam Mogharabi: Conversations with Giants

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Shabnam Mogharabi, CEO of digital entertainment media company, SoulPancake, joins John at #sxsw to discuss the evolution of online content and how telling stories can impact the hearts and minds of people.

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